A Nerd’s Manual for Getting Chicks

So you are a nerd, and you’ve removed time from the exercises that you discover satisfaction in, regardless of whether it be a Scifi channel long distance race or your most loved MMORPG. You are perched on a touch of extra time.

A touch of free Forlorn time.

You choose you need to get a little female friendship in your life. Be that as it may, dislike those medieval L.A.R.P fairs you go to where you can thump a maiden over the head and drag her back to your tent.

This is This present reality, and you need to get yourself a genuine lady. So how would you start?

Step #1: Tidy yourself up

Nerds commonly aren’t the most design cognizant sorts. The greater part of them are cheerful wearing their different arrangements of shirts, pants, and flip-flops.

Be that as it may, we’re looking at pulling in ladies here, and like it or not, ya gotta attempt and put your best self forward. Presently, you don’t need to resemble an all out club-goer, however we gotta tidy ya up a piece.

Get a decent hair style, shave, wear contact focal points on the off chance that you have to, wear a few shirts you DIDN’T have in secondary school (you know, the ones with no band names or superheroes on them), and discard the jean shorts amigo!

Because you’re a nerd doesn’t mean you need to resemble a character from Beavis and Butthead. How we present ourselves reflects how we feel about ourselves, so you’re going to need to do your absolute best to pull in the women.

Looking all the more perfect cut and “grown-up” will help you over the long haul.

Step #2. Explore current mainstream society

Like it or not, you will need to acquaint yourself with the present goings-on of everything Hollywood. Programs, superstar tattle, hot new groups – the works!

Why? Since you’re going to require something you can converse with young ladies about, and Each young lady is into mainstream society.

An expression of caution here – Star Trek, Star Wars, or anything with “Star” in it isn’t a piece of mainstream society. In any event not the benevolent ladies like. Take all that nerd information you’ve aggregated and saved it until further notice. You will ghetto it for some time.

For one thing, begin viewing VH1. A ton. Make up for lost time with the unscripted TV dramas on that channel. Studies show 89% of accessible ladies watch Unscripted television, and VH1 is the ruler of that sort of programming.

Tune in to the radio and go on iTunes. This’ll assist you with looking at the most recent well known music. In case you’re feeling extremely saucy, turn on MTV.

Catch up on online journals like PerezHilton.com to discover who’s gay, who’s laying down with who, and who’s having some fella’s child.

Trust me – this will all result later!

Step #3. Venture once more from the game controller

Being a nerd and adoring computer games practically goes inseparably. Also, computer games are marvelous, so they’re not something to be embarrassed about.

In any case, a few nerds use computer games as an approach to supplant a non-existent public activity. They get their “human contact” fix by talking with their society mates in Everquest, or those weak n00bs on Xbox Live, and don’t want to go out and meet genuine individuals.

Indeed, put that X-Box controller down and unplug your PS3. On the off chance that you need to meet ladies, you will need to take a break from the computer games.

As an energetic gamer myself, I know how they can lead your life on the off chance that you let them. Before you know it, it’s three toward the beginning of the day and you’re attempting to kill one progressively chief and get one more catalyst so you can build your gamer score.

In any case, this time spent on computer games gets you far from the young ladies! In the event that you resolve to take a slight break from your ongoing interaction time, you’ll see that you will have substantially more time to meet and spend time with ladies.

Presently, I’m not instructing you to surrender computer games all together – that is insane talk! Be that as it may, focus on meeting ladies throughout the following Zelda game… only for a brief period.

Step #4. Escape the house

Nerds have a downright terrible propensity for staying inside – in some cases with different nerds, however more often than not without anyone else.

Let me get straight to the point – you will NEVER meet ladies except if you get out in “this present reality.” (And no, web pornography doesn’t consider meeting ladies.)

Take some time after work and go hang out some place for 60 minutes. It very well may be somewhere you appreciate, similar to a book shop, a café, a pooch park – any place.

Simply recollect… head off to some place there are really Young ladies!

Chilling in EB Games for an hour talking up the assistant doesn’t tally. See numerous young ladies in there?

Take a stab at heading off to some place that shopping, on an OK scale, happens. Ladies love shopping, and it’ll allow you to communicate with ladies.

Another significant thing – don’t carry your PC or iPod with you! Terrible, awful, awful. Those are interruptions. Sitting in a coffeehouse playing Universe Of Warcraft on your PC will do you great. Not having any interruptions will constrain you to concentrate on the job needing to be done, which is meeting a few chicks!

Step #5. Meet a few young ladies

Since you’ve made it out of the house, you gotta begin conversing with certain ladies.

Attempt and keep these gatherings light. Try not to attempt to get a date off the bat. Simply start arbitrary chatter with young ladies. On the off chance that they appear to be cool, at that point (and at exactly that point) request her number.

Attempt and set up dates to meet with the young lady. Get together for espresso or beverages. Do fun stuff that the both of you appreciate doing. Try not to begin uncovering your nerdiness until at any rate the third date, after she’s developed some solace around you.

Utilize the web to further your potential benefit. Pursue a couple of dating destinations. This will likewise assist you with keeping your date schedule full.

Yet, above all – Have a ton of fun!

Meeting ladies can be similarly as enjoyment as any computer game you’ve at any point played. You simply need to realize the correct method to do it.

Also, hello, don’t make a decent attempt to change yourself. You are cool the manner in which you are, and in time the ladies will come around to perceive this.

In any case, comprehend, ladies need time to “change” to various degrees of nerd. Tossing it in her face right way will drive her away. Simply make sense of an approach to slip her into it. Who knows? Possibly in time she’ll be beating you down in Radiance as well as anyone.

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